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Redland Trams

Peter Davey of Downs Park East who many will know through his books on Bristol Trams has kindly made available this photograph taken by his father S Miles Davey. The exact date is unknown but it was probably in late 1938 or early 1939 as the trams ceased on the Zetland Road to the Downs route in July 1939.

I am sure there are some of the older members of the parish who remember Bristol trams. On the tram standard on the right hand side can be seen a tram stop board. One of the features of trams was that the distance between stops was half that of the replacement buses. The Company intended to save money by reducing fuel consumption of starting and stopping the buses! The roundabout did not appear until the 1960’s and the tram tracks swung across Redland Road to make the curve into Redland Hill as easy as possible.

Thu 22 Nov 2001