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The PCC  (Parochial Church Council) is the church’s governance group and meets roughly six times a year. It consists of:

  • Clergy licensed to the parish
  • The two churchwardens, who are elected each year at the AGM
  • Four members who are elected every three years to represent Redland on the Deanery Synod
  • Twelve other members, four of whom are elected at the AGM each year for three years

There are pictures of individual PCC members on the noticeboard in the church halls.

The PCC has a number of sub-committees who oversee specific areas of the church’s ministry, and also a Standing Committee, that meets in between PCC meetings, ensuring that decisions taken at PCC are actioned. It consists of the Vicar, Associate Vicar, wardens, treasurer, chair and secretary.



Although the wardens are formally elected each year, our custom at Redland is for them to serve for four years, with a new warden elected every two years. They are key lay leaders, with some specific legal responsibilities, but with the more important role of being a bridge between the church and the bishop and of supporting the clergy and staff team in the ministry at Redland. We are blessed with some exceptional wardens!

Victor Tettmar

Victor Tettmar Churchwarden photo

Victor and Amanda and their three daughters moved from Plymouth over 15 years ago and have been members at Redland ever since. Victor is a lawyer by training but for the last 10 years has been involved in a range of leadership roles. Victor’s areas of responsibility at Redland are as Chair of the PCC and Warden with responsibility for overseeing the Church’s operations.

Lizzie White

Lizzie White pic

Lizzie and her husband Mat joined Redland over ten years ago. They have two young children and Lizzie has been involved in the families ministry at Redland for the last five years. Lizzie works as a teacher in a local secondary school. Her main area of responsibility as warden is overseeing the development of the church’s ministry.